MCAT Physics Review

Translational Motion

Force and Motion, Gravitation

Equilibrium and Momentum

Work and Energy

Waves and Periodic Motion


Fluids and Solids

Electrostatics and Electromagnetism

Electronic Circuit Elements

Light and Geometrical Optics

Atomic and Nuclear Structure (Physics portion)

Old AAMC Topics: the topics below have either been removed or modified from the original AAMC topic.
  • Magnetism

    Basic Concepts and General Techniques (old aamc topic)

    This entire section has been taken out of the official aamc topics list.
    • Units and dimensions
      • Metric units:
        • conversions within metric system
        • conversion from metric to English units
        • conversion within English system
      • Dimensional balance, checking equations for dimensional correctness
      • Significant figures
      • Numerical estimation
    • Basic concepts
      • Mass, length, time
      • Role of experiment and measurement
    • Graphing techniques
      • Cartesian co-ordinate system
      • Use of semi-log graph paper
      • Use of log-log graph paper
    • Error analysis
      • Random vs. systematic errors
      • Propagation of errors
      • Mean and standard deviation
      • Chi
      • Student t
    Source: Official MCAT physics topics were obtained directly from the AAMC.