Medical School

Taken the MCAT, heading to medical school, wanna know what medschool's like? Here's the scoop.

1st year / MS1

  • orientation: be happy about getting into med school, have fun, meet people, enjoy the free food, and be happy about getting in.
  • white coat ceremony: get your white coat, take photos, your parents being happy that you got into med school.
  • classes: learn biochemistry, pass tests
  • soft classes: learn about social aspects of medicine, write a few essays
  • anatomy: dissect on real corpses

2nd year / MS2

  • classes: learn about diseases, pass tests
  • usmle step 1: the MCAT equivalent for medical school

3rd year / MS3

  • check out our doctor app. It'll tell you exactly what to do for any given patient.
  • the wards / rotations / clerkships: the GPA equivalent for medical school. See patients, impress attendings, get letters of recommendation.
  • the shelf / NBME: final exams for each clerkship

4th year / MS4

  • USMLE step 2 CK
  • AI or acting internship: see patients, impress attendings, get letters of recommendation
  • USMLE step 2 CS (everyone passes)
  • ERAS application: the AMCAS equivalent for medical school
  • interviews: why medicine subspecialty? why here? Why should we accept you?
  • NRMP / the match: the online application where you rank the schools you interviewed at.
  • Hippocratic oath
  • Graduation
  • USMLE step 3 (everyone passes)