The Referral

Create a coupon code and put us on your blog or personal website! More people getting the MCAT Project means more tip/shortcut submissions, which makes the MCAT Project even better. As a way of saying thank you, you'll get $3 every time your coupon code is used (other than by yourself).

How does this work?

  1. Create your own coupon code (something easy to remember).
  2. Publish a link to on your blog/website along with your coupon code.
  3. If someone uses your coupon code, then he/she gets a dollar discount, and you get $3 referral payment. You can refer as many as you like.
Create coupon code

(This is where payment will be sent to. Double check to make sure it's correct.)

How do you keep track of all the referrals?

  • Everything is automated. Every time someone other than yourself purchases the MCAT Project using your coupon code, your payment will be automatically creditted to your referral account.
  • Payment will be creditted to your paypal account monthly.

Check how much referral fees will be credited to me next month?

Check referral payment