Collapsible outlines

The entire website can be transformed into smart outlines

that can be collapsed and expanded by individual headings and bullet points. Each bullet point is shaded alternatively with grey and white to facilitate ease of reading. Great for tackling topics in an organized and systematic fashion. See below for example.
Expand All | Collapse All
  • Get the big picture

    • Collapsed form helps you to see the big picture.
    • Expand individual sections to review those in detail.
  • Shaded paragraphs

    • Each paragraph is alternately shaded.
    • Helps differentiate one idea from the next.
    • Less strain on the eyes.
  • Organized and systematic

    • Expand only the sections you want to review.
    • Keep the other topics collapsed to avoid distraction and volume overload.
  • Sample topic

    • Sub topic 1
      • Finer details 1a)
      • Finer details 1b)
    • Sub topic 2
      • Finer details 2a)
      • Finer details 2b)
      • Finer details 2c)
      • Finer details 2d)

  • The MCAT Review smart outlines is included with the purchase of the MCAT ebook for $15, which contains MCAT tips, the entire website in pdf format, the smart outlines, and the MCAT App.

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